Our mission is to improve K-12 student achievement by providing effective technology and training to teachers.

Julius Su, co-founder

Hello, I’m Julius, a SKIES co-founder! I come from a family of educators. SKIES began as an effort to improve the statistic that in 2006, half of all 9th grade students in Los Angeles public schools were failing Algebra.

I met James at Caltech, where I completed a chemistry doctorate. SKIES started as a math app, but soon expanded beyond that. We worked together on K-12 outreach, introducing it to lower and lower grades, and talking to many teachers and students and adding things that they found useful. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working with our team and our teachers, who have made SKIES what it is today.

James Maloney, co-founder

Hi! I’m James, one of the SKIES co-founders. While my degrees are in physics, I’m passionate about teaching and education in all fields. I first started using SKIES about 10 years ago, after crossing paths with Julius, when I was a Caltech grad student.

I first used SKIES to teach John Muir high school students about environmental science; and then I had the chance to use it for my business Calculus class at Pasadena City College.

I’m grateful that now we get to collaborate with so many teachers using SKIES in creative ways, from ETK to college. You have inspired and influenced my lessons and educational philosophy, and I feel lucky to think of you as my colleagues.

Amy Pilapil, customer success

Hi! I’m Amy Pilapil, SKIES Customer Success. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education with a major in Mathematics, and worked as a math teacher for seven years. As an educator, I believe that we, as teachers, have the power to influence our students’ future way more than we even think possible. It’s a wonderful feeling to influence so many students, to make them see the value of learning, to see them enjoy and improve, to witness them become an excellent part of the community.

I remember one of my professors told me before, “In teaching, your PAYCHECK will not sustain you, your PASSION will.” I saw that passion in SKIES! I may be the newest member of the team, but I already saw the team’s dedication in making SKIES the best version of itself! Improving it so that it will give educators the tool to make every class successful. I have never encountered an educational platform as fantastic as SKIES! I can’t help but imagine how my classes would have been so much better if I have been given a chance to use SKIES before. That is why I consider myself blessed to be a part of SKIES team. I’m excited to contribute to SKIES' growing community!

Reychelle Gasataya, customer support

Hi! I'm Reychelle Chriza Gasataya, SKIES Customer Support. I have worked in the Customer Support industry for 6 years, and have been through other roles which include managing teams, conducting training classes, and client-facing activities. Having been chosen as SKIES' first full-time customer support was such a privilege and a great opportunity for me to impart everything I have learned from my experience.

I have witnessed how SKIES changed both educators' and students' lives in just a few days of being with the team and how dedicated team members are towards accomplishing SKIES' mission. I'm glad to be part of the team where individual efforts are appreciated and valued, and I am looking forward to growing with SKIES and contributing to its success.

Rance Tsai, software developer

I'm Rance, an iOS developer at SKIES. I've been involved in iOS development for about 7 years. Before joining SKIES, I worked on products like e-commerce, consumer electronics and so on. Digital learning is a new venture for me. I'm glad to have the opportunity to contribute to education, and hope to see how people use the app.