Our mission is to improve K-12 student achievement by providing effective technology and training to teachers.

Julius Su, co-founder

Hello, I’m Julius, a SKIES co-founder! I met James back in grad school, where I completed a chemistry doctorate.

At that time, SKIES was a technology we were developing for Caltech students. There was this idea that students and teachers could get together to develop a giant knowledge base that could be used to teach anyone, anywhere, anytime. It was a fun but esoteric project.

I was demonstrating SKIES at a forum we’d invited teachers to attend. The demo went poorly. Alcohol was flowing and I got heckled. An eighth grader connected everyone’s cards together into a giant mess (yes, you could do that back then).

But there was one person in the audience who liked what he saw. That was James! We started working together on K-12 outreach, introducing it to lower and lower grades, and most importantly, talking to many teachers and students and adding things that they found useful.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be working with James, Faria, Jasmine, Monica, Melanie, and all of you teachers. You have made SKIES what it is today.

James Maloney, co-founder

Hi! I’m James, one of the SKIES co-founders. While my degrees are in physics, I’m passionate about teaching and education in all fields. I first started using SKIES about 10 years ago, after crossing paths with Julius, when I was a Caltech grad student.

I first used SKIES to teach John Muir high school students about environmental science; and then I had the chance to use it for my business Calculus class at Pasadena City College.

I’m grateful that now we get to collaborate with so many teachers using SKIES in creative ways, from ETK to college. You have inspired and influenced my lessons and educational philosophy, and I feel lucky to think of you as my colleagues.

Faria Chowdhury, software developer

Hi everyone, my name is Faria Chowdhury, and I am a SKIES developer currently working on making the Android app. I am a Caltech alum and I have a 7-year old daughter who loves dragons. Creating the android app for SKIES has been a huge learning experience for me, and I really hope to add more features to it this year. Working with the SKIES team is a pleasure!

Jasmine Ruiz, teacher helper

Hi! I’m Jasmine Ruiz, another SKIES Teacher Helper. 😃 I am currently finishing my bachelor’s in Urban Learning (Education) along with a minor in Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles. Before SKIES, I had various jobs some which include being a Teacher Assistant at LAUSD schools since the time I graduated high school, and then working with Melanie at the Griffith Observatory. My love for the sciences was always there, and only got stronger as the years passed.

I was referred to James and Julius by a great teacher and friend I was working with at the time, who is still using SKIES today. When I first began with SKIES, a SKIES Teacher Helper’s duties were much different and now has scaled to working closely with educators that also see the value in the platform created by our co-founders. It is a wonderful feeling to know that SKIES is indirectly reaching so many students to develop their technological skills, while now continuing their learning, and staying connected to their teachers in such a time. Being a part of SKIES Learn is a privilege and gift as the people I work with have allowed me get in touch with my passion for teaching and have contributed so many great ideas to develop a program you want! I truly appreciate you all, and hope our SKIES community grows everyday! ☁️ 🎓

Monica Chen, teacher helper

Hi! I am Monica Chen, a SKIES Learn teacher helper. 🤓 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Inequalities and Diversity, from Cal State Los Angeles. 🦅 I love hiking and being outdoors but I also spend a lot of time rescuing and fostering animals. Before SKIES, I worked at many diverse companies but never felt passionate about my job until I started working with kids as an after-school teacher.

My love for teaching eventually led me to my job at SKIES Learn. I was fortunate enough to join the team in December 2018 and relish being apart of this wonderful community. Being able to work with so many talented and passionate teachers has made my job so enjoyable. I am excited to see how our community will grow and hope that together we can improve the school system and provide the best educational platform for all teachers and their students! ☁️🎓

Melanie Nernberg, teacher helper

Hello everyone! I’m Melanie, a SKIES Learn teacher helper. 😊I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and Sociology from Sonoma State University. I’m an avid writer (currently working on a sci-fi television series) and have worked in non-profit,educational, and museum settings. My other job is at Griffith Observatory.

I learned about SKIES Learn from my friend/fellow teacher helper Jasmine Ruiz. I joined the team in September and I’m so happy that I did. I am so blessed to be a part of a company who truly cares about their users and their mission. From the moment I started using SKIES with teachers, I knew it was a special and powerful tool. Teachers’ feedback and requests are baked into it’s evolving nature after all! My amazing team and our teachers have my heart. I am inspired and motivated by them everyday. 😊I’m so excited to get to know all of you and foster our SKIES community! ☁️ 🎓 Welcome!!