Pricing for SKIES

SKIES is free for teachers to use to create, share, and present lessons. Collaborative use with students is priced as follows:

# students K-12 Higher ed
1-199 $7/student/yr $7/student/term
200-499 $6.50/student/yr $6.50/student/term
500-999 $6/student/yr $6/student/term
1000-1999 $5.50/student/yr $5.50/student/term
above 2000 $5/student/yr $5/student/term

For K-12, we usually sign contracts with schools and organizations, though we are happy to work with individual teachers as well. For higher ed, students can pay for individual accounts, and instructors can also pre-pay for their students.

We are happy to offer Los Angeles schools a 3 month free pilot with plentiful on-site training and support. Contact us at to schedule a free demonstration and consultation.