SKIES is an easy-to-browse “class tree” which everyone can add to together. Teachers can create lessons with embedded multimedia and assessments, and students can post and answer each other’s questions; attach web resources, drawings, pictures, video, and data; and add concept maps and mini-lessons in groups. SKIES helps the classroom become a more supportive and engaging environment, with full participation from all learners.

Interactive lessons. Create lessons with supplemental branches and multimedia.

Project and present. Project lesson materials and student contributions in a traditional format for all to see.

Instant student responses. Collect work from students instantly using clicker-style assessments and open-ended question responses.

Promote discussions. Encourage students to make cards alongside you, asking questions, posting web links, and participating in peer-to-peer teaching.

Student projects. Provide students a space to build knowledge maps in all subject areas. This works especially well for group projects.

Collaborative lesson making. Plan lessons and create curriculum with others.