iPad Quick Guide

Knowledge is organized as a series of cards along a path, with supplemental branches below. Everyone can add cards, though the teacher controls what is on the learning path.
Swipe through stacks of multiple cards
Explode stacks of cards by pressing the "O" symbol.
Collapse separated cards by pressing the "X" symbol.
Double tap a card to enter presentation mode. Presentation mode lets you display one card at a time.
To branch a new card off another card, tap a card, then press the plus icon. There are also icons to edit and delete cards. You can only edit and delete your own cards (unless you are a teacher; teachers can delete any card).
To add a card to the main path, press the plus icon at the end, or press anywhere along the path. You must be a teacher to do this.
To edit text in a card, tap within a dotted line border.
To add or edit multimedia in a card, tap the speaker icon.
To rearrange connections, press down on a card and move it around. Stretching a connection far enough will break it. Drag the card below another card to create a new connection.
Tap the Select button to select multiple cards. Selected cards can be cut, copied, and highlighted.
Teachers can bring up a code to have students join a class. This is a 6 digit code that can be typed in. It can also be displayed as a QR code that students may photograph.